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Over the last few years, much attention has befallen cryptocurrency markets due to the epic Bitcoin appreciation. However, quietly in the background a much more interesting phenomenon has been brewing. From stablecoins to Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), from Decentralised Finance (DeFi) to smartcontract platforms, the world of cryptocurrencies has rapidly evolved into a complex echosystem. With CryptoWhale you will gain key insights and become an expert ready to navigate the bumpy sea of cryptocurrency markets. Let’s get started!

Trend analysis

Trend analysis

Our market analytics provide an accurate view of future trends and risk-rewards trade-offs in cryptocurrency markets. From the latest macro developments to the individual asset characteristics, you will build a solid toolset to navigate the complex world of digital assets.

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Our mission is to grow a community of crypto experts with the ultimate goal to spread information and knowledge about the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Our learning offering, designed around different levels of content, will take you from being a beginner to master the insights of Bitcoin and alternative coins in just few steps.

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