Binance Becomes Official Partner of the 64th Grammy Awards

Binance Becomes Official Partner of the 64th Grammy Awards

Apr 01, 2022
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Binance has signed a partnership agreement with the 64th annual Grammy Awards that will take place in las Vegas on Sunday.

Binance, the global blockchain company behind the world’s largest crypto exchange, announced on Thursday that it had signed a partnership agreement with the Grammy Recording Academy, becoming the first-ever official cryptocurrency exchange partner for the show. The crypto exchange will work along with the academy, bringing Web3 experiences to the organization’s partners and events.

The Grammys co-president Panos A. Panay focused on the evolving structure of the music industry when speaking about the partnership: “As we continue to evolve the Recording Academy for a rapidly changing music industry and for the next generation of creators, we feel that its important to work with innovative partners to explore new monetization avenues for our members and create new experiences for music fans.”

The partnership with Binance is not the first partnership that the Recording Academy has had with a component of the blockchain industry, having already entered the digital asset world in late 2021 when the organization partnered with OneOf, an NFT marketplace. On the other hand, this partnership is the first foray that Binance has made into the music industry as a whole, while already having collaborated on NFT projects with individual artists in the past

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