Trump Announces $99 Digital Trading Card NFTs

Donald Trump Unveils His $99 NFTs Collections for Sale

Dec 20, 2022
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The former president started solding the NFT portraits, designed by artist Clark Mitchell, for $99 each.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump started selling a collection of limited-edition 45,000 NFTs available on the Collect Trump Cards website and sold for $99 each.

Trump unveiled the digital assets on Thursday Dec. 15 on his social media platform, Truth Social.

Designed by artist Clark Mitchell and described as “limited-edition digital trading cards” to collect just like baseball cards – the website specify that some of the NFTs will be one of a kind, while others will have as many as 20 copies available – Trump’s NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain and can be stored in the buyer’s existing crypto wallet or in one provided by Collect Trump Cards, according to the site. The cards can be purchased with a credit card or with Wrapped Ether (WETH) and yielded Donald Trump, until now, about 6,369 Ethereum, or $7.55 million.

The NFTs shows the former president in absurdly heroic poses, wearing a suit, playing golf, posing as an astronaut, surrounded by bars of gold, wearing hunting gear and in a superhero outfit or shooting lasers from his eyes. The purchase of each trading card also enters the buyer into a sweepstakes with thousands of prizes including a meeting with the former president, while the purchase of 45 trading cards guarantees a ticket to a dinner with Trump in Florida, the website said. 

This announcement comes a year after former first lady Melania Trump entered the NFT world with “Melania’s Vision”, available for one SOL that at the time was priced $183.

Trump's initiative has been strongly criticized. Some of the images seems crudely reworked using bad photoshop and poor software, some with still parts of watermarks for stock photos from Shutterstock and Adobe. The Washington Post wrote thatthis latest entrepreneurial endeavor from a businessman with myriad failures and bankruptcies seems to be a belated effort to cash in on the market for non-fungible tokens. If the images seen on the website are similar to the digital images that will be transferred to anyone who pays the $99 fee, then the Trump cards will feature clumsy Photoshop pictures of the former president’s face grafted onto reasonably fit male bodies, clad in various costumes of masculine bravado, including sporting garb, a sheriff’s duster and lots of blue suits.”

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