New Blockchain Engine Claims Solving the Blockchain Trilemma

EQBR Holdings Claims Solving the Blockchain Trilemma Through New Blockchain Engine

Sep 16, 2022
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The company claims its architecture have removed the limitation of scalability and can be applied without impacting the performance.

Singapore’s blockchain technology developer EQBR Holdings released a technical white paper on “Equilibrium”, a new blockchain technology that the company claims solved the “blockchain trilemma”.

According to the whitepaper, Equilibrium’s new consensus model Equalize and its unique micro-chain architecture – that the company has been developing for the last 3 years – have removed the limitation of scalability and can be applied to an unlimited number of nodes without impacting the performance. This means that EQBR’s innovative blockchain engine Equilibrium has solved the most troublesome engineering problem in the blockchain world: whether a truly decentralized blockchain network can achieve scalability and security.

According to Mr. Jinsu Han, the head of the research institute of EQBR Holdings, “this white paper explains how Equilibrium solved the classic blockchain trilemma problem. We are proudly confident that by solving the blockchain trilemma, Equilibrium can be the alternative blockchain technology that leads the paradigm shift to the commercial field of Web 3.0.”

To prove commercial usefulness of Equilibrium, EQBR Holdings has already published Whisper MSG, a commercial blockchain messenger & wallet and EQ Hub, a one-stop blockchain service platform to enable developers to build and implement their own blockchain networks and eco-systems without any complicated coding process.

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